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Getting Bids and Finding Bargains

Well, I’m pleased to report that I have two bids on my Club Aluminum Griddle! Amusingly enough, the two bids came from one person and it seems they bid twice. I’m not disappointed though, a bid is a bid and it means that if nothing else it sells! I will now take a second to reflect on my success…YAY!!!!!… ok I’m good for now. Anyway, It still has two days on it so anyone who was considering bidding better do so quickly or forever hold your peace. I certainly hope it gets a few more bids. According to the completed listings they sell for $20-$25. Oh well, at least I don’t have to look at those red numbers that speak heartache into my soul. Every time I go to my page and see the red prices my heart sinks and I can hear that little voice saying,”haha we aren’t selling! No one wants this junk!” So when Something sells I just get way too excited and start running around telling everyone within reach about my success.

In other news, I’ve added a few more items since my last post. I already had the griddle, a Winnie The Pooh Original Treasury box set, a Royal China apple pie plate that has the recipe on it, and the sugar and cream. I’ve since added a Gameboy Color bundle with a teal Gameboy Color, two Pokemon games, two link cables a few other games and a case, and a lot of vintage Enamelware. The Enamelware is pretty cool. It is all white with black trim. There are three pots and a mug, I think. I’m a bit bummed that they aren’t in better shape but one of the pots is probably usable and the others would make awesome shabby chic planters for flowers or silk flower arrangements. I’ve seen it done and I really liked it. I even saved one of the wash basins I found and have opted to use it rather than put it on Ebay.

It is quite frustrating to see the amount of views I get and even watchers but continue to see that taunting red every time I check. I truly hope that the reason for that is the amount of time left before the auctions end. This drives me so mad that I’ve strongly considered trying out the “Buy it Now” ‘feature but I have a feeling it wouldn’t work much better. Plus, I like the idea of the auction and the bidders.

I mentioned in the last post that I would probably talk about the neat stuff we get in at the store I work for. I have to say, it has been a fun week so far. We got two vintage scooters in the other day. One of them is called Kick ‘n Go and it has a pedal that you push down while you ride that makes it move forward. It even has a chain similar to one on a bicycle. The other is just a really pretty red color and as far as I can remember it’s main attribute is being adorable. I also started digging in the back room (it is rather ominous at times) and I pulled out a bunch of old cameras. I love photography and old cameras so I really enjoyed  this particular job. I’m quite proud of how my photos turned out. My dad made a sweep for the store which is clear plexiglass with white paper behind it that gives the item an awesome white background. My boss gave him $200 dollars for it, so I use it at the store but I really wish I had it here to use for my ebay store as well. My boss would probably let me use it if I asked but I’ll do what I can for now.

Among the old cameras was a Polaroid Instant camera that looks like it is from the 60s or 70s. It has a case and everything and I think it is so neat looking. We also have an antique fold out camera from around 1910. I wanted to take it home so badly! I’m especially proud of the pictures I took of it! We’ve been getting some really fun stuff in lately, I say fun because I like the stuff therefore it is more fun to photograph. I’ll put the link to the store as well as some of the pictures on here so you can admire my work. (Yes, that is a little cocky but at least I love my job) Well, two more days until I go out on another yardsale hunt and hopefully find some fun stuff to blog about. In the mean time I may get on to mention some of the other things I plan to list or I might just update everyone on my progress. Either way, I won’t be writing until I have something fun to write about but that will at least be by Saturday…I hope!

‘Till then check out my store and happy reading/bidding!



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The Beginning of My Own Personal Treasure Hunt

So I’ve begun working toward creating an Ebay store. I’ve only made a few listings so far but I think I’m going to enjoy this! It seems that when you like going to yard sales and thrift stores the thing to do is blog about the treasures you find. Well I’m not too terribly fond of writing but I am fond of bragging about my treasures so I’m ok with this plan. I’m totally open to suggestions as far as what to look for. If I happen to stumble upon something that catches your eye then it is likely to be in for sale on my Ebay so it works out! 

I’ve been at this for a few weeks now and I managed to find a Club Hammercraft aluminum griddle at a church yardsale. I just love church sales. They seem to often be run by awesome little old ladies that give you AWESOME prices. They also have food more times than not and that works for me as well! At that same sale I found a set of Gemco brand Pyrex Sugar and Creamer pitchers. I thought that was fairly exciting. I haven’t decided what I think of Enamelware as far as Ebay goes but I’ve got some to try. If they don’t sell I can always use them as planters or just in my awesome retro kitchen. 

I’m really big into vintage and antique toys. It has been quite an experience to find that the toys I grew up with are considered vintage now! I find myself laughing maniacally when I remember 5 year old Bailey tugging on her grandma’s sleeve saying, “Grandma! They have Polly Pockets and My Little Ponies! I could sell them on Ebay when I grow up!” I think it is so awesome that I happened to be right! I was blessed to have a grandma and dad who taught me to think that way from such a young age. Ever since I can remember I’ve preferred toys from yardsales to the ones from the store, even to the point that I would be disappointed if my “new” toys weren’t older than I was.

On a side note, I also take pictures for the Ebay section of a store in the town I live in, so if we get cool stuff in I may blog about that once in a while as well. I’m totally open to suggestions, seriously, anyone who thinks they have a good idea or is on the hunt for something I might be able to find just let me know! I’m looking forward to this adventure. 

Next time I might tell more about myself or something like that but for now I’ll just show off my two finds from last weekend.



My Ebay name is theofficialbailey 

I’ve got stuff on there so have at it! 

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Alternate Reality Game Disambiguation

I was so confused by what Dr. Schwer was telling about Alternate Reality games but I found this link and the explanations of the games made a little mores sense as she explained them in class. If nothing else they should make good examples.

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Thoughts on Confessions

As I read Confessions I found myself oddly relating to many of the things he was saying about how he feels about himself. It was interesting because I typically have a very easy time expressing myself but I can’t word exactly what I thought about it. I suppose I self analyze too much. If nothing else I seem to do it more than some of my close friends. While I do believe Rouseau was being a bit narcissistic in his writing, especially by looking at all of his contradictions, I don’t think that self analyzation is synonymous with self obsession. After examining my motives for self analyzing and sometimes self focus I have come to the conclusion that I self analyze because I have developed an expectation to be criticized for my decisions and actions and I like to prepare myself for it by questioning my motives at every turn. If I view myself as having made the right decision and make myself aware of possible critiques then I am less blind-sided by  criticism and often less offended.

I would say, after pondering for a while, that the biggest difference between my self evaluation and Rouseau’s is motivation. It seems as if he is trying to justify and embellish, while adding a bit of false humility. His writing seems to be a persuasive argument  in favor of himself whereas I self evaluate for no one but myself and for the purpose of self improvement. This conclusion comforts me because, to be honest, I was a little concerned about relating to much to Rouseau because I think he was a bit messed up in the head.



The Breast-Giver (The Caste System Today)

I found it interesting that I would be reading this story this particular weekend. A few nights ago a friend of mine, who is here from India, came to my house to visit. I was asking him about the work he is doing in America and about the culture in his country. He told me that he is working to try to persuade the United Nations to put pressure on the Indian Government to stop the persecution of the Dalits. The Dalits are the untouchables referenced in the story. When a Dalit becomes a Christian they lose what little civil rights they had and become an open target for persecution.

My friend said that this persecution is not as bad in the southern part of India where he is from but in the northern regions it can get really bad. I have been gradually developing an interest in Indian culture by watching Bollywood movies and talking to my friends from other countries and I found this particular perspective of the caste system very interesting. Here, a Hindu woman of the highest caste is lowered to the rank of servant and forced to die alone. I found many parallels in her plight and that of the untouchables. The only reason she was taken care of was her caste. People gradually got so wrapped up in themselves that they forgot about her and the sacrifices she made for them. Her husband even forgot her because her body could no longer please him.

Another interesting thought that occurred to me was that we have people in America that get treated much like Jashoda. I think about my Great-Grandma, she lives in Oklahoma so I don’t see during the school year. I visit her every summer and spend time playing Skip-Bo and eating ice-cream at her house. She just turned 89 last summer and I can’t help wondering how much longer she will last. She has been fighting cancer since I can remember. My cousins seem to take her for granted. It seems man-kind has a tendency to forget about the people who took care of them and worked hard so that others could live a better life. Stories like this one remind me not to let myself become like the milk-children of the Breast-giver.


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My feelings about “In Camera” and the similarities to “Speak”

In Camera is a story about an Egyptian woman who is on trial for her political actions after being tortured and raped by ten men during her long imprisonment. The story clearly defines the mistreatment and lack of respect for women in Egypt at the time it was written. It starts with said woman narrating the story. She is very disoriented and cannot see clearly. It seems that she can’t hear well either. She only understands bits and  pieces of what is going on around her. Most of the time she is going back and forth  between what is happening in the present and flashbacks.

As the narration changes to her mother and father the reader gathers more information about what happened. It was difficult for me to deal with the fact that the father was proud of his daughter and ready to stand up and declare that she is HIS daughter until he hears the people around him whispering about her honor being taken from her. He allows their idea of his honor to shame him into cowering and hiding his face! What kind of father is that? I felt like his response to their talking was what truly caused him to lose his honor.

The mother is constantly a figure representing comfort and safety. She seems fairly consistent about her feelings about her daughter. The daughter feels as though she has let her parents down and brought all this pain upon them but all the mother keeps thinking about is how much she hopes her daughter can see that she is there for her and how much she loves her. The mother is more concerned about the pain that her daughter has had to endure than she is about pride and honor.

The book Speak is similar in only one major respect. That is that a girl is raped and it shows how she deals with it. The girl in the book gets raped at a party right before the beginning of her freshman year in high school and isn’t able to tell anyone about it. Her best friend doesn’t understand why she has stopped speaking and thinks she is simply being snobby.  The book follows her through that first year and shows her personal growth and how she finally does overcome the fear and pain from her ordeal.

I found common themes in the two works such as, the loss of senses and feelings because of dehumanization. In Speak she not only chooses not to communicate with people, she also loses sight of the people who are safe and care about her. She assumes that her parents are not going to help her without even going to them about the problem. She puts the blame on herself and assumes that she would only feel more rejection if she trusted her mother and rather with the information. The story “In Camera” shows our heroine facing similar psychological problems. Her mother isn’t angry with her because of what happened to her and she doesn’t blame her but she assumes that she has brought so much pain upon her mother and father. All the while, her mother is only concerned for her daughter’s welfare. The mother in Speak has similar feelings but is unable to communicate them to her daughter.

Both girls don’t speak much after their traumatizing experiences and there are serious physical problems that follow the rape. I understand that it is obvious that their situations are very different and that most of the side effects of rape are fairly consistent but what interests me is the different ways the authors dealt with the issue and how the two different characters responded to what happened to them.

The girls I’ve spoken to who have been raped have consistently told me that they felt like it was their fault. It is typically the first thing out of their mouth. This is an absolutely ridiculous thought of course but it is an understandable one nonetheless. Victims of trauma seem to share this idea. I can empathize with this reaction and even understand it to a degree but I don’t understand what it is that initially causes this response. Why do victims feel responsible for their circumstances, especially when they had absolutely no control over the situation? What I am looking for is a psychological reason or maybe just some insight from other people.


Has anyone else read Speak? Did you make any connections with “In Camera”

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Stories that are considered Magic Realism

I was talking to my dad today explaining out multi-genre research paper to him and he was asking me what Magic Realism is. I started defining it for him and gave the example of What Women Want and how he is the only person who can hear women’s thoughts and we don’t have a clear answer to why only he can do it. He then started asking me what other stories would be considered Magic Realism. I thought The Sixth Sense would count but I wasn’t entirely sure. The little boy is the only one who can see dead people and we aren’t given explanation as to why but I couldn’t remember if those were the only criteria. Does the fact that his ability doesn’t go away in that particular story prevent it from being Magic Realism?

The questions got harder when my dad asked if Bruce Almighty would count. I told him I don’t think it counts because we know that he has the responsibility of being God for a few days and why he got the ability. The movie clearly shows that God only gives him those abilities and responsibilities because he tries to judge God and claims that he isn’t doing his job right.

I think I sent my dad on a new quest for magic realism stories and I’ll probably go weeks without seeing him while he hunts down more stories to ask me about but in the meantime I should probably establish the answers to the questions he has already asked and prepare myself for the point when he begins to teach me about it.

I explained to my dad what “Metamorphosis” is about and why it I understand it to be Magic Realism. I don’t however understand exactly how “Pedro Peramo” qualifies. I know this post is rather flighty but I would love feedback about what others think and whether I was right in most of what I said.

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Diary of a Madman & One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest: Questioning The Definition of Sanity

In high school we read the book “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” by Ken Kesey. The story was set in the 1960’s and was about a man named Randall Patrick McMurphy who fakes insanity in order to serve out his prison sentence in a mental hospital.  The hospital is run by Nurse Ratchet, who is more of a dictator with little regard for the patients’ wellness. McMurphy makes it his goal to ruffle Nurse Ratchet’s feathers every chance he gets and try to get the other patients to gain some initiative and stop letting the hospital staff push them around. The story is narrated by “The Chief” who is half Native American. The hospital staff and patients assume that Chief can’t hear or speak so he is allowed to listen in on the more sensitive subjects discussed behind the scenes. As the story progresses the Chief seems to gain sanity and clarity while McMurphy is gradually losing it.

The book brings up questions about human behavior and sanity. The reader is presented with an unreliable narrator and questionable circumstances while the hero is a person who is morally corrupt. The reader must question the authority figures in the story and even the story itself because of the questionable sanity of the narrator. All of these themes seem to be present in the Diary of a Madman. As we read the story we are forced to ask,”Are these words the ravings of an insane man or is he really in that desperate of a situation?” My English teacher in high school brought up a good point when we discussed “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest”. She asked if the feelings and fears of a mentally ill person were any less important than the feelings of a sane person. Is their reality any less real than ours? If it is real to them isn’t it just as important? I think this point deserves further thinking and it has already caused me to revaluate how I view people who are different from me. I have been working on establishing a better sense of empathy with people who’s reality is different than mine.

The book was adapted into a movie with Jack Nicholson in it and it was pretty good. I watched most of it after we read the story in high school but the dvd messed up and I didn’t get to finish it. It is a depressing story but I would recommend it to someone who was interested in learning about the was mental illness was treated back in the 60’s.

I would love other people’s comments and ideas. Have you read the book or seen the movie? Do you see the parallels? What is your opinion?

Wiki Page for “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest”:’s_Nest_(novel)


IMDB Page for the movie adaptation:


Musings about Monkey and his relative moral character in the story “Monkey”

The only way an immortal being can be wholly moral or wholly immoral is if he or she has a fixed character. In the story, Monkey is a character that can’t be perceived as either wholly moral or immoral because his moral character fluctuates. For example, he could live for thousands of years as a tyrant and a fiend but then turn around and spend the next however many thousands of years being almost God-like, abundant in goodness and generosity. When asked to judge Money’s moral character, I am at a loss. His moral character is almost entirely dependent upon his mood at a given moment.

A mortal being is forced to choose his or her moral character, knowing that – at some point – they will run out of time to make that decision. Such a decision is made early, and may sometimes change later – however it tends to be consistent. The limit in the lifespan of a mortal puts more value in each and every decision that they make. Monkey is not as concerned about moral issues because he does not have the threat of eternal judgement that mortals have.

Monkey said of Pigsy, “The monster is not a common incubus of elf. I have recognized him as a former inhabitant of Heaven, where he was in command of all the watery hosts. He was expelled to earth after an escapade with the daughter of the Moon Goddess, and though he was here re-incarnated with a pig-like form, he retains all his magic powers.”

Pigsy was reincarnated and his form was changed, so it is implied that he is not on the same plane as Monkey, who we know is immortal. However, Pigsy suffered the consequences of his actions because he got put inside an ugly, pig-like form – as a mortal would. Monkey, not having to fear death, doesn’t put as much value in his moral state. Monkey is frequently asked to state his name and business and often resorts to violence rather than simply explaining that he has been converted and is now a disciple of Tripitaka, searching for scriptures in India. His quest is honorable and would gain him respect and compliance without fail, but is obviously not important enough to him to share with other people.

In conclusion, Monkey’s fluctuating moral character inhibits him from being entirely good or entirely evil. Therefore, the only way a being can be entirely good or evil is if they have a fixed moral character – always good or always bad.

What do you think? Comments?